Library to implement schemes on n-dimensionnal manifolds.
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Manicore::dCell_map< dimension, 0 > Class Template Reference

Specialization for the vertices. More...

#include <dcell.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 dCell_map (std::vector< Eigen::Vector< double, dimension >> const &coords)
Eigen::Vector< double, dimension > const & coord (size_t map_rel_id) const
 Return the location of the vertex in a given chart. More...

Detailed Description

template<size_t dimension>
class Manicore::dCell_map< dimension, 0 >

Specialization for the vertices.

Template Parameters
dimensionDimension of the manifold

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ dCell_map()

template<size_t dimension>
Manicore::dCell_map< dimension, 0 >::dCell_map ( std::vector< Eigen::Vector< double, dimension >> const &  coords)
coordsLocations of the vertex within each chart

Member Function Documentation

◆ coord()

template<size_t dimension>
Eigen::Vector<double,dimension> const& Manicore::dCell_map< dimension, 0 >::coord ( size_t  map_rel_id) const

Return the location of the vertex in a given chart.

map_rel_idRelative id of the chart to use

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