Library to implement schemes on n-dimensionnal manifolds.
map_interface.hpp File Reference

Interface used to provide a mesh. More...

#include "definitions.hpp"
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Manicore::ParametrizedMap< 3, 2 > * List_embedding_2to3 (size_t id)
Manicore::ParametrizedDerivedMap< 3, 2 > * List_pullback_2to3 (size_t id)
Manicore::ParametrizedMetricMap< 2 > * List_metrics_2D (size_t id)
Manicore::ParametrizedMap< 2, 1 > * List_edge_maps_2D (size_t id)
Manicore::ParametrizedDerivedMap< 2, 1 > * List_edge_pullbacks_2D (size_t id)
Manicore::ParametrizedMap< 2, 2 > * List_face_maps_2D (size_t id)
Manicore::ParametrizedDerivedMap< 2, 2 > * List_face_pullbacks_2D (size_t id)

Detailed Description

Interface used to provide a mesh.

The embedding reuses the structure of the cells mapping, but only the mapping from the chart into the embedding (I and DI) is ever used. It is not necessary to define the reverse mapping (J and DJ).