Library to implement schemes on n-dimensionnal manifolds.
Common Directory Reference


file  definitions.hpp [code]
 Reference for signature of the functions that must be provided alongside the mesh.
file  exterior_algebra.hpp [code]
 The methods in this file are meant to compute the action of everything that is independent of the atlas.
file  exterior_dimension.hpp [code]
 constexpr functions to compute the dimension of various polynomial spaces
file  exterior_objects.hpp [code]
 Compute the action of Kozsul and Diff on the exterior algebra.
file  geometry.hpp [code]
 Helpers to compute geometric quantities.
file  map_interface.hpp [code]
 Interface used to provide a mesh.
file  parallel_for.hpp [code]
 Helper to parallelize operations using pthreads.
file  preprocessor.hpp [code]
 Implement a while loop on the preprocessor.